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With Ferius Travel you get tailor-made trips including aircraft charter, schedule tickets for groups and corporate jets.  Fly when and how you want to. Cost Reduction We consider very all the conditions of your wishes and destinations to design the perfect flight program. 100% security We offer a free unique package of comprehensive guarabtees. With us you are contractually and financially well secured. Here ,we set standarts for the entire industry .
Individual flights
Wherever your travels take you – a morning meeting in London, in the afternoon an important appointment in Frankfurt and in the evening a corporate event in Madrid. This schedule cannot be realized with a classic airline. The chartering of an exclusive private jet allows you, however, to tackle such a trip relaxed and comfortable. Ferius Travel guarantees independent advice on flights worldwide. Our flight professionals identify for you the best aircraft for the most attractive price. Ferius Travel compares the performance and prices of all suppliers. Call us and we'll make you an offer.
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